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Suspicious French official calls Show Radio Podcast

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Podcast presenters Nick and Jacob thought something was up when the official provided this photo of himself.

The Rhubarb Champagne fiasco we’ve been covering this week on Show Radio has worsened after a suspicious phone call to our podcast studio from a self-professed French official.

Aussie battler, Guy Roberston – a farmer from Tasmania, came under fire from the French government earlier this week after posting online his success at making Rhubarb Champagne. The French authorities have always been overtly protective over their ownership of the word Champagne because they believe the word can only be used to describe sparkling wine that comes from their own Champagne region. A rather archaic belief to hold according to Nick and Jacob’s personal opinions.

Nick and Jacob, Show Radio presenters, decided to stick up for their Aussie farmer, Robertson, who is a shining beacon of resilience and innovation. Jacob made contact with the self-alleged French official who harassed Robertson and what followed was a farcical display diplomacy from the deceptive French man.

“We have a plan (for retaliation) up our sleeve” barked the French. “We will put holes in the submarines we are building for you”.

“But aren’t they supposed to sink?” Jacob intelligently replied.

The call was then rightly terminated to protect our beloved podcast listeners from further verbal rubbish.

We at Show Radio are extremely passionate about Rural life in this great nation and will always stand up for the battling farmers whom are the beating heart of this country.

If you have a story of a failure of diplomacy towards our nation then please get in touch with us via our facebook page:

Here is the full interview with ‘Pierre’ – if that is his real name:



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