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Have you ever been in a crowed and lost the people that you came in with?

I am short, at 4 foot 11 and when walking around the Sydney Royal Easter Show I found that it was common for the people I am walking with to lose ME! I would be stuck be behind people. On the other side, this wasn’t an issue because I can weave around people being small in size. I have always wondered would it be better to be taller though?

Source: Gfycat

I thought to ask a few of the crew around me and here are some pros and cons that I have concluded too:


Tall: You can see the sheep sheering at the Sheep Pavilion.

Short: You can weave to the front of the crowd to get to the front of the sheering show at the Sheep Pavilion


Tall: You have a bigger longer stride that has you walking faster to get to the next ride at the Coca-Cola Carnival

Short: You can’t see the front of the line at The Beast ride at the Coco-Cola Carnival



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