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The Bee All and End All!

A lot of people think of bees as fuzzy little insects that make honey… and they would be right! But their importance to the planet has been promoted recently by bee advocates such as the great David Attenborough.

On the opening show for the 2020 roster of Show Radio: Special Edition, host Daniel caught up with beekeeper Vicki Harrington to discuss the trade and how she unexpectedly got into it.

Vicki’s daughter Vanessa wanted to give something back to the environment, and before she knew it Vicki was the owner of two beehives and a couple of thousand new pets. And that’s how her beekeeping journey began.

Vicki says bees are vital for pollination of food crops all over the world, and recommended the company ‘Urban Hum’ for anyone who is interested in getting involved with beekeeping, but isn’t 100% if they want to commit. ‘Urban Hum’ bring a portable hive to your property, maintain it, and you even get to eat some of the delicious Honey!



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