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The Best Food At The Show? Rural Students Cafe Lives Up To The Hype

Finding experience in the catering industry can be beyond difficult if you’re one of the many Australians living in rural communities. A fantastic initiative that is new to The Sydney Royal Easter Show this year is aiming to solve this problem by bringing students from the country into the city, to gain experience preparing and serving food to hungry show goers.

Each day at the show, a different group of rural students come in to satiate the masses with expertly and deliciously prepared food. Each group serves up a taste of their local cuisine, for a bargain price. The Rural Students Cafe is the perfect destination for anyone at the show who wants a professional sit down cafe experience after a long morning walking around the show.

The Rural Students Cafe is open from the 2nd-12th from 10:30am-2:30pm.

Show radio was lucky enough to sit down with Lorrie Wilson, the hospitality teacher at Bowraville Central School.



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