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The Carnival Game Face-Off

In addition to the several hair raising rides at The Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Coca-Cola Carnival also plays host to carnival games in which you can win some fantastic prizes. Announcer Charlie Meller decided to challenge field reporter Patrick (Paddy) Rees and Digital Content Producer Charles Goodsir to a carnival game face-off. So how did the boys fare?

The Rules:

The boys were given an hour to play the many different carnival games and whoever won the best prize was to be crowned the winner.

In the interest of fairness, Paddy and Charles agreed to play two carnival games each and their respective level of skill would be the determining factor in who would walk away with the best prize!

The boys square off

Round 1: Paddy shoots some hoops

The first carnival game that Paddy tried his luck at was the Basketball shooting. Paddy had to stand behind a white line and was allowed to take three shots. Paddy was unsuccessful in sinking a shot but hit the rim on a number of occasions and as a result,m he walked away with a set of unicorn ears.

Round 2: Charles drops the ball

Next up was Charles’ turn and he decided to chance his hand at a carnival game classic; the laughing clowns. It’s safe to say that Charles absolutely dropped the ball on this one and didn’t perform to the standard that he expects of himself. His performance left a lot to be desired and he only won a ball on a strap.

After Round 1: Advantage Paddy

Round 3: Charles finds redemption in Hell

After a bitterly disappointing display in Round 2, Charles needed to return to form and what better way than a trial by fire at the Hell’s Kitchen Plate Smash. Being the massive Gordon Ramsay fan that he is, Charles wanted to do the celebrity chef proud. Charles had five shots to smash all five plates and whilst the first shot narrowly missed, he nailed his last four attempts to be eligible to win a prize. He ended up choosing a Jigglypuff plushy from the Pokemon franchise. Charles had roared back into the competition and managed to snag himself a nice prize.

Round 4: Paddy plays it safe

Paddy and Charles are massive sports fans and as the former achieved some success with the basketball game, he decided to stick with the sports carnival games. Paddy set his sights on the Soccer Shoot-Out. And whilst he didn’t get a ball inside the hole, Paddy’s shots were good enough to earn him a prize. He decided on a small sequin cushion shaped in a love-heart. Not a great prize but Paddy’s consistency throughout the carnival challenge was admirable.

After Round 2: Charles’ impressive performance at Hell’s Kitchen brought him right back in the contest

The Final Haul

Paddy won:

  • A love-heart shaped cushion
  • A set of unicorn ears

Charles won:

  • A ball on a string
  • A Jigglypuff plush toy

The Final Result

After an hour of competition, the boys returned to the Announcing booth where Charlie was waiting to give his final verdict. The ball on the string and unicorn ears were eliminated immediately which kept both boys in the running. It came down to the final vote and the winner was…


Paddy won under controversial circumstances and Charles was absolutely livid! The crowd favourite amongst the Show Radio team was undoubtedly the Jigglypufff doll. However, after an abysmal performance in the first round, he left himself with too much catching up to do and Paddy’s consistency in the end was the difference.




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