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The Cherry On Top: What Does It Take To Win The Cake Competition?

What does it take to make a good cake?

Is it the rich flavour, the esteemed presentation or the way the chocolate oozes out in every relinquishing bite?

The answers lie in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The two leading streams are Perishable Cooking and Cake Decorating.

It’s a very serious game and certainly no piece of cake.

Cake Decorators take a high ounce of pride in their masterpieces which they produce.

It takes a lot of experience and great talent to be able to perform to the standard that can be seen at the competition.

The panel of judges look at each cake based on a strict criteria.

It all comes down to presentation and innovation and each year brings a different angle.

On the flip side, Perishable Cooking is a completely different piece of cake.

This competition comes down to not only presentation, but also taste, cooking ability and flavour.

Many sinful and decadent cakes can be found here, and much alike the Cake Decorating Competition, very careful consideration is taken in the judging process.

When it comes to a good cake, I look for authenticity in the process; down to the unique ways that the cake is made from square one. If I can think of the ultimate way to win my heart, it has to be cup-of-tea-worthy and ready to be enjoyed on a relaxed Saturday afternoon.

Everybody has had the experience of a great cake and the first mouthful is always tantalising to the touch of the tongue.

Elements such as fresh ingredients, cooking methods and presentation all play a key role, and I’m ecstatic to see how each contestant applies this to their craft.

Both the Cake Decorating and Perishable Cooking Competitions can be found at the Arts & Craft Pavilion.

The judging will take place on the 1st of April from 1pm to 4pm

Thomas Denham
Trailblazing from the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Tom is an aspiring content creator, broadcaster and podcast producer. With a deep passion for audio storytelling, Tom has produced podcasts from audio fiction (The Glam Gizmo) to panel discussion (Right On Track). Tom is currently the Podcast Manager at SYN Media and has previously been the Executive Producer of several flagship radio programs. Tom can’t wait to feast his eyes (and stomach) at the cake competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and can be found on the grounds searching for the next best story.


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