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The End Ain’t Neigh: The Clydesdale Manifesto

Climate Change appears to be the defining issue of our generation. It was only back in 2019 when teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was declared Time magazine’s ‘Person of the year’. Self-styled Tony Stark and Silicon Valley stalwart Elon Musk claims to have a solution to our excessive emissions, electric cars, more specifically Tesla’s. It is undeniable that our petrol-powered roads contribute heavily to climate change, so it only seems logical to transition from petrol to electric.

But being at the Sydney Royal Easter Show has got me thinking, whatever happened to the close relationship man and horse once had, a dog may be man’s best friend but a horse certainly is a man’s best colleague. Horse’s would be a perfect complement to Sydney’s narrow streets. Compared to the emissions involved in the assemblage of electric automobiles I imagine that a horse-drawn carriage would be a far more environmentally sustainable solution. And besides, riding a horse into work would certainly hold a lot more dignity than driving a hot pink hybrid Hyundai.

So here it is the Clydesdale Manifesto: I declare automobiles the ‘opiate’ of the masses, we must break the shackles of luxury leather seats, for you may take my Tesla but you’ll never take my Clydesdale. Who’s with me?



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