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The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade is a spectacular event that only happens 3 times over the 12 day period of The Sydney Royal Easter. And yesterday, the 9th of April, was one of those days.

Take a seat in the GIANTS Stadium to watch all the animals you saw in their pavilions, walk around the stadium in different sized circles. There are goats, sheep, horses, ponies, and even the dogs had their own little circle. It does sound as chaotic as you think. Can you imagine hundreds of animals walking around an arena in an orderly fashion? The animals were accompanied by their exhibitors, but there were also Greencoats, who are highly skilled stewards mounted on grey horses, most of whom have been doing the job for many years, who make sure everything is in order. The event was incredible to watch, I had never seen so many different kinds of animals all in one place at the same time.

This event has been taking place at the Sydney Royal Easter Show since 1907. It’s an opportunity for all exhibitors and the RAS to pay respect to Sydney Royal Competition winners, producers, champion woodchoppers and future community leaders in celebration of Australian Agriculture. The event is run silent, as the animals participating are used to a quiet, peaceful life on the farms they are raised. It is encouraged you do not clap, but rather wave as they pass by and enjoy the event for what it is.

Unfortunately, yesterdays event was the last one of the year. If you missed out, never fear because it will take place again next year in The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2022.



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