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The Kindness Pandemic

It’s often the smallest kind deeds, that go the longest way.

At least that’s what Catherine Barrett believes – the owner and founder of the Kindness Pandemic, one of the fastest growing Facebook groups.

Catherine started the page on the 14th March, when a film festival she was excited to attend was cancelled due to Covid 19.

At the time, most of what she’d heard about were negative stories, about people hoarding toilet paper and fighting in the supermarkets. But Catherine knew there was some good out there and was determined to find it.

“People (were) saying could we please just be kind to each other? And I thought, yeah we could! And I’m sure there’s a lot more kindness then meanness happening, but you’ve got to showcase it because what you focus on grows” said Catherine.

Catherine believes that cultural change isn’t accidental, its created. Hence why she set up the group The Kindness Pandemic, so people could share their stories of kindness and hope.

Although it just started with a group of her friends, it grew to over 1000 members overnight. Today it has over 1 million subscribers and over 500,000 members, from Australia and across the world.

Catherine hopes to roll this out locally, and for as many people to get onboard as possible. So please, go to the Facebook page and join, and don’t forget to participate. We all need a little more positive in the world right now.

Visit and join the group here



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