Do you have a type of food that feels illegal to eat every day? Well, we like to call it “Sometimes food!”

Here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show there is an ABUNDANCE of foods you can’t get at your local supermarket.

We were on the hunt for the best, worst, weirdest, coolest and most fun types of food to only eat sometimes- while you’re visiting the show!

Image: Wikimedia

Fairy Floss!

An absolute classic for all things carnival! We don’t think you can go to a type of show or carnival and not get fairy floss. Although, it will may look a bit weird if you rock up to the office with the fluffy crunch!

Image: Herewebuy

Food on a stick!

Just how many types of food can you jam a stick through? From cheese to chips, bacon and hotdogs, food on a stick may just be the weirdest thing we’ve tried this year. You may be surprised if you go to your local restaurant and they’ve jammed a stick through my chicken schnitzel!

Image: I Luv Lollies

Sour Straws!

Perhaps our favourite at the show is the sour straws! These long rolls of sugar with a fruity flavour filling will make the kids go crazy! Usually a multi-buy deal of three for $10, get your sugar fix in so many different flavours!

What are your go-to “sometimes foods”?


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