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Why You Should Go To The Easter Show Alone!

Do you want to go to the easter show, but all your friend’s family don’t want to go, or say you are “too old” to go? Appease your inner child and go! Have no fear; here are the benefits and things to do when visiting the easter show alone! Don’t let having anyone to go with ruin all the fun!

1. Being Alone can have many benefits!

The beauty of going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show alone is that you make our schedule. No longer will you have to be dragged to see the giant pumpkin for the fourth year again (if that’s not your thing). You can fill your schedule with all the activities you like. You can taste-test every food stand for your imaginary food blog. You can also skip the rides that will leave you with a fear of people in scary masks, which is probably not the best in 2022! 

2. No one to judge!

Have you been with your friends at the Easter show and put away your intense want for the Harry Potter show bag to get the more mature choice. Going alone means you can buy every show bag you want if that’s your thing. Honourable show bag mentions are the Cadbury Family bag, Bertie Beetle and the Chatime show bags!

3. Spend time with yourself!

Have you ever taken yourself out for a date or cherished yourself in our busy world? Mastering the art of going out by yourself to dinner, movies, and the Sydney Easter show is satisfying and beneficial. Because as RuPaul says, “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else.” Get yourself a ticket for the Ferris, look out at the Beautiful view or go to the petting zoo and show the animals some love!

I hope these benefits have convinced you to go to the show even if you are going alone!



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