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The ‘other’ people that make the Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show would not be what it is without the hundreds of competitors and exhibitors that show up every year to demonstrate their craft. Taking things even broader however, who would be there to spectate and keep the show running year after year if not for the 700,000 regular attendees to the Show.

On the show this morning, we spoke to many different show attendees to hear their own stories. Everyone that goes to the show has a memory or highlight that stays with them. For some it may the cuteness of the animals, the thrill of the woodchopping, the wonder of the arts and crafts displays that keep them coming back year after year for more. Sandi from Roseville noted that she always enjoyed going to see the animals and seeing the joy on her children’s faces while petting the sheep and pigs.

Some may have a special memory tied to the show, such as the first time they met someone, or supporting a family member that was competing. Barbara from Berry says that she remembers the show as being one of the first dates she and her future husband went on in the 1950s. Jon from Patonga remembers the show through different age lenses. from the times he went as a young child with family for the Grand Parade, to attending as a teenager and hitting up Sideshow Alley, and finally as an adult passing on and sharing his memories and experiences with his children.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a gold mine for unique stories from all across Australia. It’s not just the farmers, crafters or animals that have a story. Everyone has a special memory. It’s where the true Aussie spirit shines, in giving so many people from different walks of life and professions a chance to showcase themselves. The Show may be cancelled this year, but its own spirit lives on and will continue to burn bright for many decades to come.

Catch up on a few of the people we spoke to this morning below:

Sandi & Barbara:

Reina & Jon

Madi & Tilly



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