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Support the RAS – with or without the Easter Show

The cancellation of the Easter Show has had a serious impact on many stakeholders and businesses – the greatest of which is the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW.

The RAS are a guardian for the state’s agricultural heritage, celebrating Australia’s achievement in agriculture by organizing events and competitions that promote the viability of rural communities.

The biggest event that the RAS organises is the Sydney Royal Easter show, which generates around 250 million dollars in economic activity each year.

Fortunately, this isn’t the end for RAS events in Sydney, with many more events coming up from June 2020. This means that you can still see some of the things you would have missed this Easter break.  

Do you love getting your yearly Dagwood Dog at the Easter Show and describe yourself as a “foodie”?

Look no further than the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. This competition honours the traditions of local agricultural shows and produce markets around Australia, celebrating heritage, quality, provenance and innovation. Showcasing any fine food from cheese through to chocolate.

Prefer a stiff drink?

The Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show has you covered. Alternatively for seasoned wine drinkers, there’s always the Sydney Royal Wine Show, which recognises the best of Australian wine, dating back to 1826.

Do you go to the Easter Show because you love animals, visiting the chicken enclosures or watching the dog competitions?

Then there’s the National Poultry Show. The premier poultry show in Australia and the largest poultry show in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are many ways to support the RAS outside of the Easter Show, from alternative shows and competitions, through to youth programs and memberships. If you want to make a difference and show your support for this incredible group, visit



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