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The Ultimate Showbag Showdown – Bertie V Freddo

It’s Easter Sunday and that means just one thing; it’s time to go to town on all that Easter Chocolate. At the Sydney Royal Easter Show, patrons are spoilt for choice for confectionary showbags ranging from Wizz Fizz, Willy Wonka and Freddo Frogs. However, you can’t mention Easter Show and showbags in the same sentence without also saying Bertie Beetle.

Field reporter Paddy was astounded that Breakfast announcer Nel had never tried a Bertie Beetle. Nel is a staunch Cadbury chocolate supporter and loves a Freddo Frog. Paddy decided to purchase a Bertie Beetle showbag and a Freddo Frog showbag and perform a blind taste test to see if Nel’s devotion to Freddo Frogs were resolute.

Bertie Beetle is a staple at the Sydney Royal Easter Show but it’s history is more interesting than one would think. The iconic sweet was created in 1963 as a way to use the leftover honeycomb from a Violet Crumble bar. The original manufacturer, Hoadley’s, was bought out by competitor Rowntree who discontinued the item in 1970.

Fortunately, the treat has survived in the form of showbags at not just The Sydney Royal Easter Show, but also several rural and regional shows across the country. Despite not appearing on store shelves for over half a decade, the iconic Beetle has lived on and continues to be an adored favourite.

Find out what Nel thought of Bertie Beetle below…

Breakfast announcer Nel has a blind taste test and tries a Bertie Beetle for the first time

What’s your favourite confectionary showbag at The Sydney Royal Easter Show? Is it Bertie Beetle? Or something else entirely? Comment below and the best answers may be featured on Show Radio!



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