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Things We Can All Learn from The Country

  1. Optimism

I have learned that people who live in the country are naturally optimistic; it is built into the common lingo and phrases. You may know the commonly used term “she’ll be right mate” is a stoic phrase that expresses not to worry that everything will work out fine. I believe in the city; we often over complicate and fear when we should take a leaf out of the country attitude and hope for the best.

  1. Food

The ability to see your food process from paddock to plate puts you into perspective on what’s in your food and the gratitude we often take for granted. Food is not an item, but a lifestyle, a hobby, a connection to them and the land. It has made me think about where my food comes from. I am not saying we need to relate to our food, but shouldn’t we understand how it got in front of us.

  1. Community

Throughout my experience at the Sydney royal easter show, I have realised a cornerstone of rural life is community. Being in large areas, with huge distances between your neighbours and the town, in times of emergency, the community is everything. The community also makes the essence of country living. Without it would be an isolated, unthankful job. In the country, people get each other and get their ways of life. This has made me realise, is this what the city is missing? The city can often be cold, isolating and harsh; the country completely contrasts this.

All in all, I believe that we can gain a couple of ideas and direction for the country and maybe the city can look at us for some too.



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