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Untrashy’s Mission to End Single Use Plastic!

Did you know that every single hour, over 2 million plastic bags are used around the world and disposed of? Or that If everyone in the world disposed of their plastic at the rate Australia does, we would need to have 3 planet earths, just to sustain humanity?

Well Rob had a chat with Central Coast based Tess and Nick, who own Untrashy, a company who’s goal is to provide sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastic items that we use every single day.

During the interview, Tess and Nick revealed that they are very involved in the community with working to help environment and the business donates 10% of their profits to helping charities who work to preserve our environment. They also went down to pick up trash at their local beach a day before the interview and said they had picked up a disappointingly large amount of trash, but account that to the recent weather too.

Untrashy was supposed to be at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year but due to the unforeseen circumstances with Covid-19 and the lockdowns we are currently experiencing, they have taken a financial hit due to spending on products prior to attending the show.

To get 15% discount from Untrashy, visit their website and use to codeword ‘showradio’.

Part 1 of Untrashy Interview
Part 2 of Untrashy Interview


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