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What Your Favourite Cattle Breed Say’s About You

Angus Cattle

Angus Cows are the sweethearts of the bovine world, and known for their gentle, calm personalities. Pretty reliable and laid back. If you like Angus Cattle, you’re definitely well liked in your friendship groups.  

Hereford Cattle

Arguably one of the most underrated cattle breeds, Hereford Cattle are often overlooked despite their cheeky personalities and cool patterns. If you like Hereford’s the best, don’t worry about others opinions, you’re doing great as is.


Despite what your name suggests, Droughtmaster’s originated in the Tropical sunny area of Northern Queensland. And before you ask, yes, their coat is 100% natural. This breed knows their good looking and carries that swagger with them 24/7. Who could blame you if Droughtmaster is your favourite breed, you have good taste and love anything with a shiny coat.

Santa Gertrudis

Hot head alert! Santa Gertrudis are quite unlike the Jolly Santa Claus, but are rather the bad boy bovines of the cattle world. Known for their fiery temper and red coats, if your favourite breed is the Santa Gertrudis, you are not to be messed with.

Holstein Friesian Cattle

The celebrities of the cow world, Holstein Friesian Cows are well known for the black and white splotches and their ability to make milk. If these are your favourite, your classic style and eagerness to help others shine bright in your friendship group.

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