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What Your Favourite Show Bag Says About You

You haven’t been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show until you’ve brought a show bag, but have you ever thought about what your favourite show bag says about you? Through a combination of people watching, hands on testing, public surveys and some extensive ‘scientific’ research at the Show Bag Pavilion, the results are in.

The Wizz Fizz Show bag

You’re the wild card of your friend group. Super impulsive, always dyeing your hair crazy colours and always up for a chat. Your also weirdly sticky for some reason…

The Bertie Beetle Show bag

You love anything retro; you wear glasses for fashion and stay clear of anything mildly dangerous. You could be found far from any rides at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and closer to the petting zoo.

The Marie Claire Show bag

I can smell your expensive perfume from here. You can be spotted at any of the nicest brunch spots eating some avo toast with an almond milk latte. You’re also probably in the running for best Floral Arrangement.

The State of Origin Show bag

You’re at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for one event and one event only, woodchopping. In between comps you’re bulldozing through the crowds and filling that stomach of steel of yours with just about anything on a stick. You love going on the tallest, fastest rides and shrug it off like it’s no big deal.

You can listen to Nel’s talk break on all things Show Bags below.



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