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What’s the buzz in Arts and Crafts?

A group of about 12 bees will produce 1 teaspoon of honey between them in their lifetime, making every drop of this liquid gold absolutely precious to honey producers and lovers.

So, is there bee judging at the Sydney Royal Easter Show? Well, not exactly… more like bee products.

The Sydney Royal National Honey Show, features more than 60 classes, including comb, creamed, liquid plus beeswax, candles, mead and pollen. Native honey entered the competition for the first time in 2019 and is back this year.

It was pure joy to walk amongst the cabinets and see all the shades that honey can come in… and to discover them in the Arts and Crafts Pavilion.

Our roving reporter also checked out the Bee Hotel workshop for the kids, listen in here.
Wax Moulds and products
Look at all the colour!!
Even Pollen is judged!!



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