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Which Showbag Reigns Supreme?

For decades, showbags have been a highlight of the Easter Show. After a long day of trekking around the showground, smelling a little bit like hay and fried food, there’s nothing better than opening up your bag of goodies at home. For many, showbags come with a punch of nostalgia – begging your parents for that one extra bag, arguing with your siblings about sharing the contents or a pure, ferocious sugar rush. With the postponement of this year’s show, Show Radio decided to survey the Australian public about which showbags they’re missing the most this year.

Here’s what they said:

Bertie Beetle annihilates the competition, of course. This little guy has ruled the showbag game for over half a century. The little beetle has humble beginnings, birthed from the fragments of unwanted Violet Crumbles in Melbourne. Speaking with Show Radio on Wednesday, Emily Williams from said “Nobody walks away from a show without Bertie Beetle, he’s synonymous with childhood memories of the show”. Bertie Beetle showbag sales have been on the rise over the last few years.

There’s something about this bargain beetle bag that is uniquely Australian; unassuming, straightforward, cheap and utterly delicious. We’ll see you next year Bertie.



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