When we think quintessential Sydney Royal Easter Show, the iconic fresh lemonade in paper cups is top of mind for many. When interviewing members of the public, the lemonade came up time and time again as a Show standout.

I have to admit I was sceptical at first – how could something as simple as lemonade in paper cups be a highlight when the Show has all manner of things battered and fried and covered in powdered sugar? It’s just lemonade right – can’t you have that any time of the year?

It was a tiktok my friend showed me that finally made me crack – the monotone text-to-speech voice asked me ‘why does the lemonade at the Sydney Royal Easter Show hit different?’.

So on Wednesday, before my afternoon show on Show Radio, I sent my producer Simon out on a mission – to find the secret behind the famous Easter Show lemonade!

After running around some of the many many lemonade stalls on site, he finally found the mecca – the flagship lemonade stand – and with it someone who could give him answers. Here is his interview with Carmen:

I also got to try the lemonade for the first time that day – live on air – and yeah, it’s really good. I get it now.

As Carmen said, the lemonade at the Easter Show is fresh and the ingredients are simple. And I think it’s actually that simplicity – when set in contrast to the spectacle of the rest of the show – that accounts for a lot of its charm. When you’re feeling a bit queezy from all the Bertie Beetles, deep-fried on-a-stick goodies and walking around in the April sun, there’s just nothing like a simple, refreshing cup of lemonade.  


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