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Talk and Taste: The Perfect Pairing

If you’re feeling a little hungry and want to experience some incredible cuisine from our regional producers, come down to The Woolworths Fresh Food Dome at the “Talk and Taste” area right next to “The Meating Place.” Not only will you taste delicious food for free, you will be well informed of the origins of the food and how you could use the ingredients to take your cooking to the next level. We were lucky to sample Mort and Co’s Gold Medal Phoenix Wagyu Beef and black garlic from Garlicious Grown. Black garlic a superfood created from cooking garlic at low temperature and high humidity for 30 days creating a sweet-balsamic-vinegary taste that enhances your dishes. Very moorish.

“Talk and Taste” have daily sessions from 10am-4pm and you get to taste different foods each day. We were also lucky to meet Fast Ed who was hosting our session. Listen below to Campbell and Fast Ed’s chat about food.



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