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Why Mushrooms Can Still Be the Fun Guy

AFTRS Show Radio Host Romy Sher is a vegetarian with a secret (well not any more). She doesn’t like mushrooms. It’s not personal, it’s just that it seems that every restaurant – when we could go to them before COVID 19 cramped our style – proudly and relentlessly offers mushrooms as their vegetarian option.  Romy simply got fungus fatigue.

But mushrooms have got Romy excited again because of the work being done in Adelaide on the many non-edible use of humble shadow-dwelling fungus, including possibly a replacement for cling wrap, that non-biodegradable plastic that ends up in land fill. Romy told us on Show Radio this afternoon about the work researchers in Adelaide are working on a way to turn mushroom waste into items like sunscreen, skincare products and outdoor furniture coating.

Mushies in their natural state, before being turned into a vegetarian meal option or even cling film!

Romy also spoke to Jim Higman, President of the Southern Districts’ Exhibit at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, on what happened to all the fruit and vegetables from this year’s show – and no, they weren’t turned into the world’s biggest ratatouille. Luckily, as the show participants had three weeks notice, the fruit and vegetables were kept with their growers, instead being offered for sale like their non-show compatriots. Tune into iHeart Radio tomorrow at 11 when Romy next hosts AFTRS Show Radio Special Edition.



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