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101 ways with an Avocado!

AFTRS Show Radio host Nick Hasemann drilled down this week on 101 ways with an avocado, including getting the inside gossip from avocado grower Kyle Jonsson from Ravenshoe in Queensland, and some of the suggestions may surprise you!

We all know the usual ways to eat the ugly green fruit. As Kyle suggests, smash ‘em for toast, mash ‘em for guacamole, slice them into a salad or eat them straight from their dinosaur-egg skin, with a bit of Tabasco and salt and pepper.

But you can substitute butter for avocado in cakes and biscuits gram for gram, helping your heart health rather than clog your arteries with saturated fats. And you can start your day with the Kermit coloured fruit, adding them to your smoothie or pancakes. Apparently you can swap bananas with avos to make avocado bread, and use them in a margarita, but we are not too sure if those uses will catch on.

Basically avocado can be substituted in any meal that benefits from a creamy consistency, from pasta sauce to homemade ice cream.

And when you aren’t eating them, you can squash them on your head – the oils from an avocado make a deliciously enriching face or hair mask. Just remember to wash it off before you go for a walk around the block.

Don’t be boring! Avocados are much more versatile than simply being smashed and spread.

And every avocado you consume not only is good for you, but it’s also good for our farmers who are harvesting a bumper crop and needs us to keep on loving our avo-smash, even if we can’t order it take-away with a macchiato, instead of having to make it ourselves at home, with or without goat’s cheese fetta.



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