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Avocado’s Taste Better Because Grower is Cute

Handsome avocado farmer, Kyle Jonsson, holding potatoes. Not avocados.

“Throw a bit of lemon and pepper in there, and if you really are feeling adventurous, goat’s cheese is the way to go.” Kyle Jonsson revealed his secret to delicious Smashed Avo today on Nick Hasemann’s hour of Show Radio: Special Edition.

Kyle’s family farm is located near Ravenshoe, just over 100 kilometres South-West of Cairns in North Queensland. On the farm you’ll predominantly find potatoes and avocados being grown, two extremely useful, versatile and delicious foods.

The avocado side of farming is particularly struggling at the moment with all of the lockdown taking place nationwide. “Something like an avocado where you actually only have a ripe time of a week or two weeks, people actually aren’t purchasing as much right now.

“You’ll probably get good deals on your avocados now and there should be plenty.”

So get out there (when safe to do so by maintaining social distancing) and buy some avo’s. You can do so much with them. Check out this article on the culinary possibilities with avocados written by AFTRS’ Wendy Searle:

You can listen to my interview with Kyle Jonsson here:



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