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When people think sport they probably think of Basketball, football or soccer but what about the sports people may be unaware of? Like free style motocross, for the past 20 years the airtime crew have been performing at the Sydney Royal easter show and sharing there thrill-seeking stunts with Australia.

When I sat down with Aidan and Tommy from airtime it was my curiosity that got the better of me why do these boys take the risks they do? Are they calculated is it something you fall into, and how do they get there.

It’s the Adrenaline for sure and the joy of performing for a start but the boys have been riding for many years.

Starting out as young racers Riding on property’s and seeing just how far they could push the limits.

They have been lucky enough to turn freestyle into a full time job and for anyone who has never seen a stunt show or even imagined what it may be like you should probably go and see a show.

Gone of the days where motorbikes are to heavy back in the day when Evil Canevil would do stunts that was dangerous and completely insane but now with the development of foam pits and light weight bikes, Great safety gear free style is souring to future heghts.

You can catch the airtime boys at most of the big show events as they are on there reginal 


Next show is in Hawksberry show    



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