The Sydney Royal Easter Show is filled with so many different carnival games where you can win the best prizes.

From the massive dice to the big fluffy unicorns or even the giant cuddly teddy bear, every show-goer has the chance to win these amazing prizes.

Some games seem based on luck and others require all skill. But a big addition to the carnival games this year is: BATTLE TOYALE!

Battle Toyale allows you to claim bragging rights over your friends and family as 24 strangers battle it out in a winner takes all, last man standing, mini-game. 

Each player has their own screen with a button and a joy-stick and they compete against one another to win the big prize. 

The games are stressful, fun and quick, so if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best!

Field Reporter Nathan triumphed and walked away with a giant donut.

Photo: Kiana Harvey


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