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Kitchen Sherlock Holmes: How Your House Can Become A Food Crime Scene

We are told to scrub our hands, clean the dishes and wipe down tables. But what if there was more to keeping us safe then just washing the vegetables we buy? Meet the New South Wales Food Authority, who ensure the food we buy is safe to consume, properly labelled and clearly identified. This Government Agency made their way to the Easter Show to make an interactive exhibit called ‘Kitchen Crimes’. Kitchen Crimes is all about educating potential hazards that can be avoided in household kitchen. To know more, I spoke with one of the spokespersons for Kitchen Crimes, David.

Throughout your experience, you are tasked with finding out what food crimes gave two fictional characters, Barry and Sally, food poisoning. One of my highlights from touring through the exhibit was how properly you were actually washing your hands. Using soap and a UV flashlight, David scanned my post-soaped hands to spot what spots I was actually missing. For children this is perfect, especially at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. With everyone touching animals, food and everything in-between, make sure to see what contaminated crimes you might be committing against your gut.

To know more about what you need to watch out for with your food make sure to check their website, NSW Food Authority also regularly updates their Twitter account, @NSWFoodAuth, with all info you need to know about the food you buy, product recalls and recorded breaches of New South Wales Food Safety Standards.

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