Em and Nathan interview living legend Frank Theodore about all things seafood.

Contrary to the popular saying, Frank Theodore would say ‘the oyster is your world’. Having worked in the seafood industry for more than three decades, the main man behind GetFish has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to the magic of the mollusc, discussing a few of the Do’s and Dont’s of Oysters during an interview with Show Radio. Here is a deep dive list of the opinions and expertise held by Frank so you can have access to the secrets of the slurp, too.


  1. Oysters are best enjoyed ‘au naturel’ with the exception of a light squeeze of lemon to brighten the flavours. 
  1. Keep them in a dark, temperature-controlled space if they’re not being consumed immediately. This ‘tricks’ the oysters into thinking they’re being exposed at a very low tide and is nothing out of the ordinary. 


  1. Drown the dainty delicacy in a bath of acidic vinaigrettes. Frank believes it to overpower the complex flavours of the oyster and mask all its beauty. Although he does admit his Chef friends won’t be happy to hear this! 
  1. Attempt to shuck an oyster without something protecting the hand that’s holding it. He recommends a tea towel or thick glove. 

Be sure to have a listen below to the man himself, Frank Theodore, discussing his pearls of wisdom when it comes to unlocking the mystery of the mollusc. After all, the world is your oyster, so you might as well shuck it right! 


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