When It Comes To Pony Showing, Humans Are The Real Show Ponies 


I have never been a Horse Girl™ but this year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, I came the closest I ever have to begging someone to buy me a pony.  

Here at Show Radio we were lucky to have some of the best seats in the house at the 2022 Easter Show. Our studio overlooked GIANTS Stadium, where each day we were treated to an evolving procession of animals and athletes as diverse as they were delightful: Horses with carts, show jumpers, bull-riders, daredevils defying gravity on motor bikes – but the stadium occupants that fascinated me most were the ponies.  

I was mesmerized by these tiny little mini horses, trotting around the stadium on tiny little legs – not straddled by their humans, like their full-sized counterparts, but running alongside them. This doesn’t sound that strange until I tell you that the people scurrying beside these ponies were the fanciest dressed people I have ever seen. They looked straight out of a garden party at Buckingham palace, but more colour co-ordinated and with better hats.  

Any adult who has run to catch a train or a bus knows that it is very difficult to run in a dignified manner. This is especially true when you are wearing a very fancy outfit and very fancy shoes and you are running over muddy grass and you are trying to keep up with a very small horse.  

Naturally, I had many questions – mainly about the outfits – so I set out to find some ponies. I eventually found answers in the form of (impeccably dressed) mother and son Sue and Michael Toll from Long Point NSW.  


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