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Behind The Scenes: Recognising Those Who Keep The Show Running

During The Sydney Royal Easter Show, attendees easily recognise those who work front-of-house running various food trucks, rides, showbag stalls, those showcasing major produce displays or the entertainers in GIANTS Stadium. Those that don’t easily cross our mind while soaking in the sights are the people who work behind the scenes of The Show to keep everything running smoothly, The Sydney Royal Easter Show is essentially a machine, and without these people keeping the gears well oiled the entire event would essentially fall apart.

Just a few examples of these essential workers that are out of sight but are sown into the fabric that makes The Show as beautiful and exciting as it is, are;

  • The couriers that stock the Cattlemen’s Bar
  • The truck drivers that bring all the various showbags and sideshow prizes to the event
  • The animal handlers that stand aside and watch all day, every day, incase an animal becomes agitated
  • The sanitisation and cleanliness crews that make sure The Show sparkles everytime the gates open
  • The engineers that ensure all the rides are in working order and safe to operate for the duration of the entire Show

    I managed to catch-up with James Kemp, a man that prides himself in standing in the shadows of the 10 Shake Farmyard Nursery next to the Big Brother House, keeping a watchful eye for any animals that decide to drop their dinner onto the floor. He’s been running maintainence and the ‘animal toiletry’ department of the Farmyard Nursey for the entire duration of The Show and it’s safe to say he’s quite knowledgeable with his tool of the trade. Have a listen:


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