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What makes the Sydney Royal Easter show amazing!

Working at Show Radio was such a fantastic experience for me! This year, producing content here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show opened my eyes to how much more goes into the show. Previously, I’ve always just gone and seen the animals, ridden the rides, stuffed my face with food and gone home. However, coming up with new and exciting content has shown that there’s so much more to it and that there are a lot of interesting characters to meet.

I was lucky enough to meet Anna, a talented caricature artist who’s been drawing for the past 15 years. She started drawing back when she was living in New Orleans. Anna was broke, so she started drawing people who walked past her on the street. As she got better, people began paying her to draw them. She remarked about this sweet little old lady who came up to her one day and asked her to draw her naked riding on a tiger. Now she draws for children’s books and other media

Photo credit: Harry Hughes

I also met Peter Jakobsson, the Pipe Major at the Ingleburn RSL Community Pipes and Drums Association. He was such a passionate man. He wanted to share his love for the bagpipes with me, so much he spoke for 20 minutes, describing every aspect of a bagpipe, how to play it and the roles involved within his band.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve never put too much thought into the Sydney Royal Easter Show beyond the show bags, I encourage you to check out the rich community and history the show offers.

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Harry Hughes
Harry is an experienced audio producer who’s grown up and lived in Sydney’s south all his life. He has been working as an Audio Producer for Nine Entertainment in their radio division since 2017. Harry also is a freelance audio producer, where he has worked with major brands and individuals producing their radio commercials, film sound design, and music production. Harry is looking to expand his knowledge of the radio and podcasting industries and grow his experience in podcast sound design/production. Harry is an avid photographer and lover of all things technology outside of work. For as long as he can remember, Harry has always had some form of technology in his grasp, whether it be a camera or a computer. Harry also has a deep love for animals of all sizes, and he has immensely enjoyed going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the past years.


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