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Alpaca’s – Not To Be Confused With The Llama !

One of my favourite things to see at the Sydney Royal Easter show are the large variety of animals they have here on display, over 8000 to be exact ! One of them happens to be the Alpaca.

Often confused with its cousin, the llama, the alpaca is a South American livestock animal, used mainly for its wool. From their characteristically long necks, to their gorgeously long eyelashes and fluffy coat, its no surprise the alpaca is steady becoming a favourite animal to see and pat.

A stand out celebrity Alpaca at The Sydney Royal Easter Show, is Hephner the Alpaca. From his cute and fluffy hairstyle to his gorgeous tuxedo, this is an animal you certainly do not want to miss seeing, and best of all, he’s roaming the Alpaca Pavilion together with his owner so you can stop and take a selfie with this local animal celebrity.

Find Hephner and other Alpacas daily in the Cattle & Alpaca Pavilion, along the 10 Shake Animal Walk, from 9am – 6 pm from April 8-12.



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