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All The Colours Of The Wind

Lets be honest, it’s hard to miss the birds at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Tucked away in the back corner of the Pet Pavillion there are two large cages big enough for professionals to walk through. Each cage is bursting with life, incredible radiant finches flit from branch to branch, the echoed chirping can be heard from the other side of the hall.

The Australian Finch Society are at the show, to promote pet ownership, and spread the word on how to be a responsible bird owner.

Debbie, long time member of the family run pet shop visiting the show said the key thing to remember for any potential bird owner is to “do your research before you buy” for example, the gold and green macaw lives for 45 years in captivity, and owning one is “a lot like having a 3 year old for the rest of your life.

Listen to the full interview with Debbie below:



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