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The ‘Wood Chopper’ Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Megan was the eyes on the ground for Show Radio on Easter Monday. She spent some time with legendary broadcaster, Neil Stuart, who gave her a tour of the Master Chef Wood Chopper Stadium at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Throughout the tour, Neil explained the incredible history of the Wood Chopping Family Tree that is deeply rooted in the sport, with many of the competitors being third or even fourth generation of Wood Choppers in the family.

Curtis Bennett [Pictured above] is a third generation Axeman, Wood Chopper Champion, starting at only 12 years of age. His Grandfather and his Father are both World Champions in their own right.

The sport of Wood Chopping first began in 1870 in the town Ulverstone, Tasmania. The sport emerged as a bet between two axemen as an attempt to cut down a tree first and now it has grown into what we know of the sport today, which takes years and years of practice and technique.

For upcoming Wood Chopping Events at the Sydney Royal Easter Show visit



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