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Australian Astronomy Tourism Suffers After String of National Disaster

2019 was the year Australia will always remember as the worst bushfires on record throughout the countries infant history, but it didn’t take long for the next disaster to wreak havoc on not only Australia, but the world, Covid-19.

Australia’s astronomy tourism has suffered severely due to the string of unfortunate circumstances. On Wednesday’s 8am show, announcer Rob spoke with one of Australia’s leading Astronomers and owner of the Warrumbungle and Dubbo Observatories Peter Starr.

Peter revealed that after the droughts, bushfires, and now Covid-19, business has been quiet for a long time not only for himself, but for all of tourism businesses throughout Dubbo and Coonabarabran.

Warrumbungle National Park is Australia’s only ‘Dark Sky Park’. You can see the clearest night sky in Australia where at the perfect altitude to get the best view of the milky way passing over.

To checkout the great services that Warrumbungle Observatory and Dubbo Observatory offer, here are the websites!

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