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Celebrate EASTER-Virtually

Easter is a fun and loving long weekend with long rides and with so much food. But this time, it is not ordinary Easter due to COVID-19. Luckily we have internet full of ideas and let’s do magic at our homes.

Happy Easter @Home

#Outfit: As we cannot go for shopping due to social distancing, we can create a customized outfit from the existing ones. We can let kids chose their best favorite one

#Easter Hunt: We can create easter hunt at our backyard. This time we can celebrate differently. Along with chocolates, we can include books, colors, stationery, pebbles which makes kids interesting

#Creating Crafts: We can download many easter activities from the internet and ask your little bunnies to color it. Make them as colorful they can and parallelly we are making kiddies busy as well.

#Home Decoration: Designed crafts can be used to decorate the house. Hanging colorful paintings in the house will make them lovely and happy. You can also add easter bunnies and cupcake pictures to the decoration.

#Easter Cards: Let kids design your own Easter cards and take a wonderful selfie-and mail it to your family and friends as virtual Whatsapp invite to celebrations

#Delicious Lunch: Make your family’s favorite lunch and dinner recipes and celebrate Easter happily.

Celebrate this Easter remotely and happily at home.

Tips to celebrate Easter @HOME


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