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Buy from the Bush for Mother’s Day

In our recent Resilience Podcast on the River and Wren markets in Wagga Wagga, market founder Jenni Meiklejohn announced that the markets were going online for the first time, as a response to COVID 19. The markets, which have been going for six years has injected millions of dollars into the Riverina economy because the quality of the handmade produce, sourced from over 130 local small businesses, is second to none.

And with Mother’s Day on 10 May less than a month away, it may be time to source your mother’s present now from suppliers to River and Wren like Tarcutta company Bumble Bee Wraps. A lot of us won’t be able to give our presents and love to our mother this year, so we need to build in the time required to have them sent to them directly from the makers in the Riverina and Murray regions, who are probably running a farm while hand making their market produce!

And one gift you can give yourself today is to listen in daily at 4 pm to Show Radio to the Resilience Podcasts Series where you’ll hear extraordinary stories of courage and resilience from everyday Australians from across this great nation.

Mother’s Day is a chance to support bush businesses with handmade gifts for mum


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