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Joe Exotic isn’t just the Tiger King!

We all know the new ‘Tiger King” documentary is a wild ride and definitely worth the watch, and the conspiracy theories on the internet get crazier with every one you read.

This article isn’t going to dive deep into the theories but more of the subplot in the doco. Joe’s Music!

His songs, while the lyrics are a little crazy, the actual music composition isn’t overly bad. The tunes are catchy the guitar is quintessential country big open chords and classic country melodies.

Joe has released 3 songs I Saw a Tiger in 2013, Here Kitty Kitty ( a sort of Carol Baskin diss track), and in this year, from prison I guess, My First Love. Now I don’t know if you’ve heard these songs but I going to go out on a limb and say that cannot be him singing. The soulful voice that came out of those songs is not the same voice that came out of zoo owner.

Please go and check out his songs on youtube and definitely go and watch the Netflix documentary “The Tiger King” because, oh boy, its like a crazy easter show ride, ups and downs everywhere!

This is Joe’s song ‘I Saw a Tiger” do yourself a favour and have a listen



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