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Charles’ Comprehensive Sydney Royal Easter Show Food Review

Show Radio team member Charles has been on a mission at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. It began with a strange turn of events as one day, Charles was scrolling through his social media feed and came across a bizarre advertisement from fast food chain Pizza Hut, promoting their crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This got Charles thinking of all the zany food on offer at The Sydney Royal Easter Show that you can’t get anywhere else. And thus, Charles’ gastronomical gallantry began…

Charles tries the TMNT Pizza from Pizza Hut

1. Oreo Churros

Where: Carousel Café

Price: $9

The first item sampled were the Oreo Churros which is every nine-year old child’s dream. This delicacy consists of a chocolate flavoured churro on the outside that is coated in cinnamon sugar. On the inside is the cream that you would normally expect from a regular Oreo. However, this is no regular Oreo as once bitten, the cream oozes out of the churro. What makes this snack even better is that it comes with Nutella as a dipping sauce

Charles tries the Oreo Churros

2. Cheese On A Stick

Where: Various locations around Sydney Showground

Price: $6

Despite being a staple at The Sydney Royal Easter Show, Charles had never tried this wacky food. He was skeptical going in, but Charles was pleasantly surprised with the cheese on a stick. It had the perfect combination between the batter and the cheese and the cheese was also not too runny.

Charles samples the Cheese On A Stick

3. Whole Pork Knuckle

Where: Bodeanz Bavarian Haus

Price: $25

This was the food item that Charles was anticipating the most at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Charles also had the pleasure of chatting to the titular Bodean of Bodeanz Bavarian Haus located next to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome at Sydney Showground. Lover of all things meat, this is arguably Charles’ pick for best food item at the event. Don’t be intimated by the price; the pork knuckle is worth every penny and will give you the energy you need to see and do everything The Sydney Royal Easter Show has to offer!

Charles is joined by Bodean and special guest Patrick Rees for the Pork Knuckle taste test

4. Big Mick a.k.a Cheeseburger Pie

Where: Mick’s Bakery

Price: $9

The final item Charles ate at The Sydney Royal Easter Show was the Big Mick Pie from Mick’s Bakery at the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome. This frankenstein food contains two all-beef patties, two special sauces, pickles and cheese inside a traditional meat pie pastry. This had the potential to be disappointing but was actually delicious and no one flavour overpowered the other. If a Big Mac and Meat Pie had a baby; this is the beautiful creation.

Charles tries the Big Mick live on air during Lachlan’s announcing shift

Have you tried any of these foods? Do you think your stomach can handle it? These are just a few of the wonderful foods that are on offer here at The Sydney Royal Easter Show that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. If you decide to visit any of these vendors, remember to say that Charles sent ya!



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