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Wildlife 1

Today, Mel spoke to Michelle Kennedy, the winner of the Digital Artwork – Raster Artwork class, which means the image must have originated from an original photograph, on her entry Wildlife 1. In this interview you can learn about which part(s) of the image is the ‘original’, the inspiration behind the artwork, and about Michelle and her accomplishments.

This image created by Michelle is an anecdote to the bushfires that happened throughout Australia in late 2019. The message it sends is, “They would if they could.” Meaning that the animals of Australia would help us fight for their homes if they were able to. All proceeds of this artwork will be donated to the Rural Fire Services, including the amount it sold for at The Sydney Royal Easter Show at $750.

You can find her artwork in the Arts and Crafts Pavilion here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. You can find more information on Michelle and her artwork on her social media linked below.

Instagram: @michelle_kennedy_digital_art

Websites: and



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