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Dear Future Me…

12 days ago, before venturing into the Sydney Royal Easter Show, I decided to write myself a letter. I was hoping I could look back and see how much I’ve learnt. Heres what young Nel had to say…

hey nel, omg,  12 days, your so old now

True… I forgot to wear sunscreen most days some my face has defs aged.

I thought I write you this letter so you can look back on how much cool stuff you did at the Sydney royal easter show.

Im hoping by the time your reading this you have accomplished the following…

-Spoken to a show girl

I did! Got to speak to Steph Ferguson! What an amazing person!

– eaten something on a stick

Tried a dagwood dog…. not the best…

If you look closely enough into my eyes, you’ll see pure fear.

– tried the cheese toasties

Like over 10 times…

– not break the radio panelling

Soft yes.

– go on a ride

Yeah looks… Turns out I was super busy avoiding death via rollercoaster… defs next year though!

– collab with some new people!

Yes! So many new friends!

Hope you had the best time and learnt heaps

Xoxo young nel

P.s. How did the cowboy hat go down?

Very, very well…

I’ll let this picture do the talking.



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