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A Love Letter To Trail Mix

As I write this article, a bowl of trail mix sits besides me. There are few certainties in life, but one is this, by the time I finish this article, the trail mix will be gone.

This isn’t just any trail mix. I came across Nut Roasters at the Woolworths Pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and have been back many times, each time naively thinking a half kilo bag will last me a week. I’m always back the next day.

This trail mix… Where do I begin… the saltiness ratio with the sweet is spot on, and each element of the mix is just as important as the rest. There are no weak links. I like to eat the sesame covered peanuts first, but after that, I’m pretty free style. Theres no right way to enjoy trail mix, just enjoy it.

I spoke to Rosette from Nut Roasters and despite my star stuck ness, the experience was amazing. I loved being able to chat with someone just as passionate as me about trail mix.



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