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And the Winner is…. 2021 Sydney Royal Showgirl.

Running since 1962, the Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition attracts young rural women with purpose and ambition, proud to represent their zone and shine a light on the next generation of women in agriculture. The finalists have the opportunity to meet with other young women from rural NSW and gain great insights and personal development as they spend time at the Show.

The Competition aims to find a young female Ambassador for rural NSW and the agricultural show movement. The winning Showgirl of each local Show Society is selected by a panel of three judges and remains Showgirl until the next year’s Show. Her role involves many official and informal duties locally, nationally and overseas, such as opening a Show, public speaking throughout the year and presenting prizes for winners in agricultural events.

We were lucky enough to speak to the 2021 Sydney Royal Showgirl winner – Jessica Neale to find out what the Showgirl title means for her and what its all about! 

Listen to her chat with Paddy below: 

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