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How To Make A Chip On A Stick!

As the Sydney Royal Easter Show wraps up, theres a mix of emotions, sad, nostalgic, proud… hungry?

I’m definitely going to miss show food, so to keep your cravings as bay till the next show, why not try making your own show food experience right from home!

You’ll need a potato, salt, oil and you guessed it… a stick!

Start off by skewering your potato on the stick then carefully take a knife and begin to slowly spiral downwards from the top of the potato to the bottom. You want to use the skewer in the middle as a guide.

Once completed, gently stretch out your potato along the stick and place in a pan with a 1/2 inch of frying oil. Watch out, this seems like it would be dangerous.

using tongs, gently rotate your potato in the oil until crispy!

Let cool and enjoy!



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