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Desert Time: The Do’s and Donuts

Before you go any further consider this your one and only warning. If you continue reading you will crave donuts. You will feel a deep need in you for one particular donut, and your thirst for fried pastry will only be able to be satiated by the mouth watering selection from Berliner Donuts.

Chief Taste Tester at Berliner Vange alongside Show Radio Presenters Tom Reeve and Bek Wagstaff

Berliner is a family business based in Sydney Australia. Head Chef Rachael and her husband, chief taste tester Vange moved to Sydney from London, and found while the city suited them well, they couldn’t find the perfect jam donut anywhere in the city. Instead of living in a sad, imperfect world, where jam donuts were lacking in jam, and crispness, they decided to do something about it. After tasting all the jam donuts in city, they perfected their recipe, and it’s now free for you to enjoy.

I Mean… Yum…

The work payed off. After a brief tasting session, followed by 2 more slightly longer tasting sessions, it can be confirmed that Berliner Jam Donuts are unbelievably tasty. It’s not just jam either, you can indulge in vanilla custard, rhubarb and custard, or just straight nutella. You literally cannot lose.

You can order some delicious Berliner Donuts for yourself here



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