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Donkeys: The real hero of the farm

For years Donkeys have been ridiculed. Subjected to cruel jokes for being stupid, stubborn or in the case of Eeyore, clinically depressed. But nothing could be further from the truth. In truth, Donkeys are in-fact very stubborn to take orders from people which often results in people thinking they are dumb or the lowest ranking animal on the farm. On the contrary in means that Donkeys are highly intelligent, they guard herds of sheep against predators and have exceptional memories especially for direction and routes. To their owners they are affectionate, easily trainable and respond extremely well to voice commands.

The students of Agricultural from Northolm Grammar School care for their hero Donkey, Daphne with great pride. Northholm Grammar School is an independent Anglican co-educational primary and secondary day school, located in Arcadia, in the Hills District of Sydney. Each year they take a group of animals to The Royal Easter Show to showcase as well as educate those on the farm animals they care for. The School has a strong commitment to its agricultural program with an emphasis on sustainable practice. With a fully functional farm on campus, the students are able to get a hands on experience looking after animals such as Daphne the Donkey, Goats, Llamas, Cows and Poultry.

Faith who looks after Daphne at Northholm enlightened me to the that fact that Donkeys have been used for the protection of smaller farm animals, such as goats and sheep, from predators like foxes and dogs. They are one of the smartest animals and quite independent in thinking patterns. A donkey will calmly and slowly assesses the situation before panicking or taking flight. Daphne spent her time at the easter show watching over everyone.



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