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The bougie side to the Show

Each year the Easter show gets a little more creative on what type of food can be shoved on a stick. Be that a giant deep fried layered chip stick, multicoloured fairy floss or any variety of animal coated in delicious oil.

But what about the deprived vegetarians, the eco conscious, those who aren’t looking for a sugar rush or the visitors just seeking a pinch of fancy. What can the bougie empty-nester show goer purchase for their next dinner party?

Inside the Woolworths Pavillion is where to find these hidden gems. To the gin lovers you can check out The Natural Distillery Co, the first Cannabis distiller. Founded in 2015 by Rhys Staley, they create Organic spirits distilled with terpenes in their home state of Victoria. Their vodka & gin is created through innovative natural blends featuring Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool and Beta-Caryophyllene. A family run business, its is natural, healthy and sustainable.

Bellini wines have a prosecco cocktail that will impress at every hens party! The original recipe came from Venice and was simply two parts Prosecco / one part white peach puree with a touch of raspberry or cherry juice. Sold!

Brunelli’s United Coffee Systems have created a guilt free coffee pod. George Clooney swept in with his smoothing tones and convicned us to buy Nespresso machines and slowly we have turned away due to the strain on land fill. Brunelli’s has stepped up to the plate and made fully compostable coffee pods in a variety of flavours. The pods are 100% biobased with 0% Plastic and 0% Aluminium delivering a true flavour experience

Drinks are sorted but what about food? The Moondara Cheese Company are back at the show after the devastating cancellation of the show in 2020. Moondarra Cheese was established in 2004, the largest manufacturer of flavoured cream cheese in Australia. With a single minded focus on this particular style of cheese it has allowed the vendors to keep the costs low with tehir tripple cream cheese costing a mere $10.

Get the gang together! Put the wine on ice and get the cheese platter ready. The Easter Show has your next gathering sorted!



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