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Flying Farmers – Drones in Agriculture

What is the first thing you hear when someone mentions drones to you? For me, I think of aerial photography or drone racing. Machines capable of taking pictures of skylines or roads or do surveillance. But what if I tell you that it can also benefit farmers?

As technology evolves, so does the industry. And the same can be said for agriculture and farming. Drones are now becoming a versatile tool for farmers as they’re now able to manage and identify issues much quicker. From herding animals to inspecting crops, drones are now enhancing the farming and agricultural work experience. They’re not replacing farmers but allowing them to reach new heights with their skills and abilities.

And it’s not just using a giant piece of flying machinery. Smaller drones that you can buy in your local tech or camera store is enough to help get the job done.

Drones are now being seen as an added benefit that the NSW Department of Primary Industries partnered with NSW Farmers and Tocal College to teach those in the industry how to use drones to collect data and make informed decisions when working on the field.

Erielle Sudario speaks with James Martin who’s part of the Sydney Drones Club as he explains how drones can benefit the farming and agriculture industries.

If you want to learn more about how drones can benefit the industry, “Drones in Agriculture”, it’s currently being held at the Woolworths Food Farm here at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Erielle Jeanne Sudario
Erielle Sudario is a creative freelancer from Western Sydney with aspirations to work in the journalism and media industry. Prior to her studies in AFTRS, Erielle has worked with SBS Australia, 2SER, Western Sydney University, TedxParramatta, just to name a few. Erielle wishes that her stories not only educate but also inspire change one way or another. You can follow Erielle through her Twitter (@Cutiejea1). Who Erielle would like to bring to the show is her boyfriend as he's from Victoria and has never experienced the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


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