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Goat Yoga Here to Namaste

Every day people are finding more weird and wonderful ways to practice yoga. We’ve seen beer yoga, dog yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga but this is the only type of yoga fitting for the Sydney Royal Easter Show…. Goat Yoga!

Field Reporter Lindsey excited to try some yoga pose’s with fury company!

The method, which originated from the US, has finally landed in Homebush for the very first time at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Lainey Morse started Original Goat Yoga in 2016. Source: [CNBC]

Lainey Morse who created Goat Yoga in 2016 says “It’s surprisingly relaxing to feel a couple of small animals jump up onto your back while you’re trying to maintain something difficult, like a plank position. The little goats’ hooves provide a bit of a massage as they move to keep their balance.”

In her first year of business, Morse made over $150,000 in revenue, proving people’s love of Goat Yoga is strong.

Field Reporter Lindsey demonstrating the classic kneeling yoga position with a farmyard twist.

For one day only at the Paddington Pavilion Lawns, we had the opportunity to share a yoga mat with a goat for a free session with instructor, Rosie Hooker.

Rosie Hooker – Goat Yoga Instructor

If you’ve ever wanted to practice simple vinyasas and balance your chakras with a curious goat by your side, then Goat Yoga is the class for you.

Hopefully after the success of 2019 pop up session, there will be even more chances to catch Goat Yoga at the show next year!



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